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The poncho is finished!

Hooray, it’s finally done. This seems to have taken ages for such a quick, simple item. I finished the crocheting over a month ago but have been making pompoms for the edge. I had to stop making them after the first ten as when I was tightening the yarn round the pompom, it was cutting into my little fingers. I was trying to find a solution to that when I realised that if there were pompoms all around the edge, they’d stick in my back when I sat down.

So, I made a braid, threaded it through the top row of granny stitches and stuck a couple of pompoms on the end. I’m quite chuffed with the result.

The pattern is called Cowl neck poncho and is by Simone Francis, bought on Ravelry. I used Kirkland aran yarn, bought at Aldi.