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Rosie the explorer

Rosie is allowed downstairs now, apart from her mealtimes, and after being a bit nervous to start with, she’s really gained in confidence and has explored every nook and cranny.

She has the small rollerball toy upstairs, which she loves, and she has great fun with the larger one we have downstairs.

Rosie030716-06_bIn the photo above she has her paw on a small toy, which she was tossing around and she also played with the two silver balls, putting them inside the roller circuit. I love that I caught her with her tongue out!

We have three tunnels plus a Hop-in cube which are all connected. She loves the Hop-in and sometimes has a little nap in there after playing in it for a while.

Rosie030716-09_bI love this photo that I got of her coming out of it.

Rosie030716-12_bShe was meowing, hence the open mouth. We think she was calling to Frodo to come and play some more, but he was tired out and sleeping on the back of the sofa. They’re getting on brilliantly now and seem to be very relaxed with each other. They play together and even snooze together sometimes.

Rosie also loves the long tunnel and likes to nap just inside it.



We’re still only letting her downstairs when we’re there to supervise as Sammie still isn’t completely happy, but I’m sure it won’t be long before Sammie accepts her. She’s definitely getting a bit more chilled around her now.



Settling in

Rosie is settling in nicely now. She was a bit nervous on Sunday but that’s only to be expected after taking her away from her family and putting her in a new room with only strangers for company. She was quite happy to have cuddles even then though, and purred loudly if you stroked her.

We’ve kept her in the one room upstairs so far, although she did venture out onto the landing for a few minutes this morning. Now that she’s found her feet in that room, we’ll gradually introduce her to the rest of the house.

She’s met Frodo but not Sammie so far. Frodo is so easy-going that we thought we’d let them meet first. Frodo was a perfect gentleman. He really wanted to make friends but Rosie wasn’t so sure. She did the little sideways dance with her fur up and her ears back. Frodo was a bit intimidated by her, even though she’s a fraction of her size, but he did try to approach her, very slowly. They did touch noses a couple of times but then Rosie would back off again. We’ll get there though.

I’ve taken quite a few photos, but it’s tricky as she doesn’t keep still that often. These are some of the best ones so far.

She’s living in the bedroom at the moment so has been sleeping with me. On the first day she was quite happy to lie on the bed next to me after having a little cuddle.

Rosie260616-01_bShe was looking for places to hide when we left or entered the room though so I put the igloo on the chair next to the bed so she could take refuge in there if she needed to. She seemed to like it.

Rosie270616-03_b Rosie270616-02_bBy Monday she was happy to snuggle up with me and go to sleep.

Rosie270616-04_b Rosie270616-07_bWe bought several kitten toys from Pets at home, one of which is a short stick with a feathery thing on the end. She loves it and will happily chase it and pounce on it for ages. It’s very hard to get a pic of her doing that though as she’s constantly in motion, but this one isn’t too blurry.

Rosie290616-05_bThis morning, after playing for a while, she decided she needed a nap and curled up next to me while I was reading. She kept one paw on my arm, maybe to make sure that I didn’t get up and leave her 🙂

Rosie290616-04_b Rosie290616-03_bShe’s a little darling, full of life and gaining in confidence by the hour, and we love her to bits. I’m so glad we decided to add to our family.