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Pandora scrapping

We were so excited to see the new land in Animal Kingdom and we weren’t disappointed. It was amazing! We took hundreds of photos trying to capture the beauty of it. I’m not sure that we succeeded but I did have plenty of photos to choose from when it came to scrapping them.

This layout is the section divider for Pandora and I tried to get lots of photos on it to give an idea of what it’s like. These photos were taken just inside the entrance to Pandora by a Photopass photographer. Scrapped with Basic Grey Archaic.There are a couple of places to eat inside Pandora and one of them, The Satu’li Canteen, quickly became our new favourite lunch spot. I particularly liked that you could order your food on the app and just pick it up when you got there, avoiding the queues. Also, the food was delicious. Scrapped with Basic Grey Boxer. We had a few photos taken at night. I love the magic shot with the Woodsprites. Scrapped using Basic Grey Marrakesh. (that’s nearly all gone now and I’m a little bit sad about it)



Hollywood, Pandora & Dinoland

More layouts from our trip to Florida last year.

This is one of my favourites so far. Lots of lovely Basic Grey and a huge photo. Next is one from Dinoland in Animal Kingdom. I love that they give you real props to hold sometimes instead of just doing magic shots to get some added interest. I used mostly BG Archaic for this. It has dinosaurs on some of the paper. Finally one from Pandora, the new land in Animal Kingdom. We took lots of photos there as well as getting lots of Photopass ones. This is one of the magic shots with a Banshee added in afterwards. I used some very old paper on this one.


WDW holiday, 26th Sept – Animal Kingdom


We had a fairly slow start to the day. We were awake at 5.30 but really took our time getting ready to go out as we want to ease into it gently. We’re having a very relaxed holiday this year.

We decided to try the new breakfast offering at Sanaa, which is one of my favourite places to eat lunch or dinner. It was quiet in there when we arrived at about 8.30am and we got a window seat, which we’d been hoping for.

This Crane was very curious to see what we were doing. The kids on the table next to us were calling him a Chicken Flamingo, which we thought was cute.

We both had the same to eat, the Boere breakfast and it was yummy. It was just a nice size and every bit of it was delicious. 

After a leisurely meal, we headed off to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom. I had FastPasses booked but we were also very keen to have a good look around Pandora as that wasn’t open last year.

We didn’t have too long to wait for a bus and were soon at the park. We had almost an hour to wait before our first FastPass so went straight to Pandora to explore. We found a few Photopass photographers along the way, so had a few pics taken.

Pandora is amazing. It’s still very much Animal Kingdom but with exotic additions, and it fits in beautifully with the rest of the park. We took about three million photos! I’ve managed to narrow it down to ten favourites, so think yourself lucky!

After we’d had a good look around, we left Pandora and went over to Africa for our Safari FastPass. The safari was ok, but a lot of the animals were in the shade, and I really don’t blame them. We saw lots of giraffes wandering around and timed it perfectly to see the lion while he was moving to a different napping spot.He was just having a little roar when I took the photo.

We had a walk round the Pangani trail and got some nice photos of the gorillas. Most of the other animals were in hiding, but as it was 32°, I’m not surprised.That baby was hilarious with the positions he was lying in.

On our way back to Pandora, we stopped at Starbucks for cold drinks. I had a vanilla bean crème and Stephen had Strawberry crème.

Next up was our FastPass for the Na’vi river journey. I love doing new rides so we were excited about this. It was a slow, gentle ride, inside, through the bioluminescent forest and it was peaceful and so, so beautiful. The effects were amazing. It’s probably not something that I’d want to do over and over, but it was lovely to see.

We had some time before our last FastPass so went to see if the tigers were out. We weren’t optimistic but it’s a nice walk round anyway. We did see one tiger but he was asleep in the shade so wasn’t as photogenic. We did meet a photopass photographer in there, which we haven’t done before and he took several photos of us with different backdrops. He kind of insisted we do ‘tiger claws’ for this one.

We then went for a bit of lunch in Restaurantosaurus. I had a nice chicken salad while Stephen had a burger and chips. It was ok for fast food. The main attraction was that it had indoor, air-conditioned seating and was next to Dinosaur, our next ride.

I absolutely love Dinosaur and we always ham it up for the photo.I’m not quite sure what Stephen was doing…

It was gone 3pm by the time we came out and we were getting a bit weary, and very  hot, so we decided to head back to Kidani for a rest.

We spent the rest of the daylight hours relaxing and watching the animals. When we first got our room we thought it wasn’t a very good view but we’ve seen loads of animals today, including the shy Okapi and some Nyala. There’s also a small herd of Impala, who’ve been leaping about all over the place.

Then there’s this chap, who we thought was a baby Impala but he’s actually a Steenbok and is fully grown at around 12kg. We were quite excited to see him, especially as he’s so cute.

We’re overlooking Pembe savanna and we’ll be keeping an eye out to see who else lives there.