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Craft show goodies

Today I went to Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC with my friend Jackie. We had a lovely time walking round all the stalls and gazing at all the beautiful stash. I made one or two purchases, but I was very restrained and didn’t buy any yarn or cross stitch stash. Just a bit of fabric…

I got a selection of fat quarters as they’re so useful to have in. I rather liked the colours in these packs.


They’ll go with quite a bit of the fabric that I already have. I did get a few patterned ones too. I spotted these at the pretty much the first stall we looked at and couldn’t resist.


Such gorgeous colours, aren’t they. I picked up a couple of brown ones from there too.


This roll of fat quarters caught my eye and as it was a bit of a bargain, I bought it.


There are ten pieces of fabric there and I love the colours and patterns. This is them flattened out so you can see all the different ones in there. You can also see the colours as for some reason, the roll photographed with a blue tint.


One stall had small packs of 5″ squares in the most gorgeous colours. I tried to just buy a couple but I couldn’t narrow it down. I feel some more cushions are in my future.


I also got some yardage. I have a project in mind and needed one and a half metres of something pretty. I picked this.


And when we spotted this, we agreed that I had to have some. I have another project in mind for it.


Is that not perfect? I hope I can do it justice.

I think I’ve got enough fabric to keep me happy for a while now. I just need to find the time to get into my craft room and play. Oh, and I may need another fabric storage box…



A trip to the NEC

This weekend is Sewing for pleasure at the NEC here in Birmingham. I like to go to this every year if I can and preferably in the company of a good friend. This year I had a really fun day out with Jackie and we both enjoyed ourselves so much, we’ve already plotted to do the same next year.

It’s great just to wander around the various stands, natter, have a nice lunch, and later an even nicer dessert, but there’s also the stash shopping to be done. The plan was to have a good look first, to check what was on sale and who had the best prices, but I fell at the first hurdle. As we walked in we spotted a stand with cross stitch kits on it. They were all the type that I like. There were LHN, Lizzie Kate and other US designers. One in particular caught my eye as it was one that I’d been looking at a few weeks ago, but couldn’t find for sale in the UK. I had to buy it straight away – it’s the coffee one in the pic below. We went back to that stand later to get a nice kit for Jackie and I got the owl chart there as it was calling to me. I did only buy one cross stitch kit, at a different stand, which I thought was most restrained. It’s a specialist stitch one with lots of beading. It’s really pretty. I also got the threads to go with Let’s Do Coffee, and believe it or not, they were the only threads that I bought all day.

NECstash05I also bought a few cross stitch related items during the day. I stocked up on gold needles, bought a 5″ hoop that was on my shopping list, and found some gorgeous silk fabric to use with the Hardanger SAL. The buttons are to go with the Cottages. There’s also a Cheeky Owl in the pic. He’s a tiny fabric owl, or rather all the pieces you need to make him. I fancied having a go at that.

NECstash07There was so much fabric there that I was a bit mesmerised and didn’t get nearly as much as I’d intended. I am pleased with what I did get and have tentative plans for it all.

NECstash08I’ve been wanting some bamboo crochet hooks for a while so I was on the lookout for some. We found some sets of ten for a bargain price of a tenner so we both got those. I also managed to find some bamboo Tunisian crochet hooks so I got three different sizes to experiment with. I also managed to get some nice bag handles for a couple of projects that I have in mind.

NECstash06Then there’s the yarn. I’ve spent the past week going through all my patterns and those I have marked on Ravelry, to see which ones I’d really like to crochet. I made a list of the yarn that I’d need for them and I think I succeeded in getting most of that plus a little bit more.

This one is gorgeous. It’s lovely and soft and worked out at £1 per ball. It’s DK and I have a few projects in mind for it.

NECstash02This one is a super chunky for a specific pattern, and a DK for one of two projects that I’ve been considering.

NECstash03I was looking for some sock yarn and found this. It was fairly expensive but I just loved the colours and texture.

NECstash04And then there’s this one. It’s a cotton DK and the colours are just scrumptious. Dusky pink, Strawberry, Lilac and Iris. Yum. I have a good idea what I want to do with these. I just hope they stretch to the two projects that I’m thinking of. I’m fairly sure they will.

NECstash01I had a lovely day out and I’d just like to say thanks to Jackie for the wonderful company. Now I just need to start using some of this beautiful stash.