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Scrapping with layers #2

I’ve gone back to the layering class by Shimelle and have got a few more layouts done.

The next few are techniques in using colour.

Prompt #11 – Frodo was so tiny!
Prompt #12 Prompt #13 – this one is similar to the class layout apart from me completely ignoring the colour part of the prompt as I just didn’t have photos or papers to do it. Prompt #14 – I really love this one. I didn’t have much in the way of white embellishents so I painted some chipboard and put rub ons over the paint. I love all the different textures and shades of white. I’ll definitely do something like this again.
Prompt #15 – The colour techniques part of the class are finished and now we’re onto placement. I struggled with this one more than I should have. I think it was because of trying to use up old cat-themed embellishments, but they’re not going to waste LOL

Since tidying my paper scraps, I’ve been using them a lot more, especially for layering. There are lots of old papers on the layouts in this post, but I’m particularly impressed at using a sheet of Club Scrap for the background of prompt #15. I loved Club Scrap, and getting a box of goodies every month, but it did pile up after a couple of years. I gave a lot of it away but I did keep the more useable stuff so it’s good that it’s finally seeing the inside of an album.

Last one for now is prompt #16. I quite liked this one as the placement fitted with a photo that I particularly wanted to scrap as I wanted to document my happy place.
I’m going to take a break from the class for a while now and get back to my Baltic cruise album. I’ve been writing out all the journalling in advance so that’s ready to print as I go along. Doing that saves time while I’m scrapping and makes sure that I get all the memories down. I’m going to love looking back at the cruise albums in a few years.



Scrapping with layers #1

I’m still enjoying doing scrapbooking classes as well as scraplifting whenever I see something that I love. At the moment I’m taking a break from Baltic scrapping to do some of Shimelle’s ‘layer on layer on layer’ class. Layering is one of the things that I struggle with but I’m hoping to get to grips with it and do layouts that I’m happy with.

I’ve already done a couple of the prompts and shared the layouts in other posts, but I’m cracking on and working my way through the class now and am really loving it.

I bought some of the Midnight range by Cocoa Vanilla as it’s so gorgeous. I started playing with it as soon as it was delivered and did this layout of Rosie for prompt #03. Note that the date is on it. I’ve recently been sorting out all my albums, as the layouts were ordered by type rather than date, (don’t ask, it made sense at the time). I wanted to put them in ring binder albums, instead of the post bound that I used when I first scrapped, and order them chronologically.

This is when I realised that I quite often didn’t put a date, or even a location. I have layouts that I have no idea when or where the photo was taken, mostly because I scrapped a lot of photos of flowers and didn’t see the relevance, presumably. I do now though!

I’ve got all but a few sorted now, thanks to having photos going back years on DVDs, which have now been transferred to my computer. I’m definitely going to be more aware of including information on layouts, even if it’s only written on the back.

Anyway, back to the layouts…

Prompt #04 was all about using paper stacks. I managed to use loads of really old papers for this, and before I started scrapping, I took the time to sort out all my paper scraps into a drawer so they were easier to rummage through. Before they were with the collection they belonged to so were all over the place.Prompt #05 was about repetition. I don’t love this layout but I’m happy with the technique used.Prompt #06 was about using stickers. I’m quite happy with this one and again, I enjoyed using the technique. Prompt #07 was using die cuts. I love this layout and will be using my die cuts a lot more now. Prompt #08 was stamping, which is something that I rarely do on layouts. That’s a shame as I have loads of stamps, so I was chuffed to bits to have a prompt on stamping. This is one of my favourite photos of Rosie and I love the way the layout turned out. I’ll be doing this again! Prompt #09 is where I ran into a snag. It was using doilies and I don’t have any, nor do I want to get any. I improvised and cut a piece from a sheet of lace cardstock so this turned out quite differently to the prompt but I still found it useful. There are about 30 prompts to work through so I’m going to carry on with them for a while longer before going back to the Baltic albums. I’m really enjoying doing this class!


Still clearing my desk

I’m still working my way through Shimelle’s Clear the desk class. I was struggling with the set of papers that I’d put together so grabbed an old Basic Grey collection pack, or rather the little bit of it that was left, and tried to use it all up. I didn’t do too badly. The hardest part was finding some photos to go with it so I ended up with some Disney pics from 2010, after getting distracted for a few hours organising my photo boxes 🙄

The pack that I used was Lucky with all the lovely purples and reds. I only had a few sheets of paper left and no embellishments, tags or alphas. I did have quite a few Halloween embellishments though so I used up some of those.


I’ve also got a few photos of the cats in their Hop-in so I used one of those to use up the very last bits.
And that was the end of BG Lucky. I can’t believe that I’ve finally finished off one of the BG collections. One down, thirty-three to go LOL


Scrapping – Universal Studios and IOA

Woo hoo! These are the final layouts for 2017’s Florida scrapbooks. I’ve filled two books, and I mean filled, so I’m chuffed to bits that it’s done. By doing the layouts using Shimelle’s class prompts, I’ve done more journalling than in any other album. Not all the layouts have journalling, as on some I just didn’t have much to say, but I’m happy that I’ve captured so many memories.

These layouts are all from the Universal parks and I really had fun with them. Lots of colours, lots of Basic Grey. The first one is from the Simpsons ride.

Next is from Islands of Adventure. You know me and books. I had to have my photo taken there.

These are some random pics from IOA. We didn’t take as many photos there as we did in Universal Studios this time. We loved the Halloween decorations in Universal and took lots of photos.Another one from Universal Studios. I did a lot of journalling on this one, and that sort of covered several of the layouts from that park.One of our favourite attractions closed while we were there. We managed to get one last go on it before it went and I wanted to record that on a layout. I didn’t get a good enough photo of it so nicked this one from the internet.Another ride that we love in Universal is Men In Black.The final ones are two of my favourites. Partly because of Stephen’s silly poses and partly because I went to town with the colours. Both in Springfield, first is the Duff beer one.And finally, Stephen trying to nick a donut. (I’m trying very hard to use the US spelling, as in the photos, but I really want to change it all to Doughnuts.)And that’s it. Disney 2017 is finished. I’ve loved using Shimelle’s prompts and I feel the class has really helped me get my scrapping mojo back. I’m going to scrap some photos of the cats next and maybe some random photos from other holidays. I’ve got the rest of the class ‘Clear the desk’ to do and I’m also going to do another class by Shimelle on layering.

I’ve got loads of Cruise photos to edit and print so it’ll be a while before I’m ready to start those. I do have plenty of supplies for that. I’ve got three albums ready to fill. Did I mention that I took loads of photos? I’ve been buying travel papers and embellishments for a few months and have some lovely stash to use. I even found an old Basic Grey collection pack called Adrift which will be perfect. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into that.

I was surprised how much Basic Grey is still available online, to be honest. I’ve had to restrain myself from buying it all LOL


More Disney scrapping

The end is in sight. These are the last Disney layouts from 2017. Just a few more from Universal left to do and the albums are finished.

This is one of the magic shots where they add the balloons afterwards. Taken in Hollywood Studios. I’m really pleased with how this one turned out.Next is one of our favourite views in Epcot. Don’t ask me why, but we’ve always called it the Upside down waterfall.Another one in Epcot with a couple of magic shots. Nemo and friends, again in Epcot.Shock, horror. Not only is that paper not Basic Grey, I’ve used it in the same year that I bought it!

I had to scrap some of my favourite ride photos. I love Tower of Terror.This is one of those quirky little things that most people would think a bit silly but it’s something that we say, and I wanted to record it. The journalling just waffles on about our slight obsession with the little lizards that you see all over Disney.

A couple more photos taken in Hollywood Studios and at this point I was running out of title ideas.Two matching singles using Star Wars themed photos.



A bit more Disney scrapping

More layouts from last year’s holiday. I’m still using the prompts from Shimelle’s ‘A most magical scrapbook’ class and although there’s the odd sheet of a different paper, mostly I’m still using Basic Grey.

This is the last one from Animal Kingdom. I love that wall with all the bikes on it so always try to have a photo taken there.

These photos were taken in Epcot and Animal Kingdom, when we bumped into friends from home.There are a couple more from the Halloween party in the Magic Kingdom. For this one the photographer told us to hold the lamp and look scared.This was one the best bits of the party – meeting Captain Jack Sparrow. He was hilarious.The last Halloween one is the parade. I didn’t manage to get any decent photos so I used two of the bonus ones they give you with the Photopass pics. We always take a photo of the car when we’re on holiday. It’s sort of a tradition.It looks a bit Christmassy, but that was unintentional. It’s not even Christmas paper.

Next is one about our flights to and from Florida and how much we loved going premium economy.Another one from the Magic Kingdom, this time during the daytime.And finally, a layout about the new breakfast in Sanaa. 


Resort scrapping

I usually take loads of photos in the resorts that we stay in so I’m giving each one its own layout. The first one is the Royal Pacific at Universal Resort. It’s such a beautiful place to stay and we really enjoyed our four nights there.

I used pretty much all Basic Grey papers.
Next is Coronado Springs. We hadn’t been there before but it was nice. The theming is lovely and our room was comfortable and spacious. The main part of our holiday was spent at Kidani Village, which we absolutely love. I’ve scrapped photos of the room before so chose to do the view from our balcony this time. 


Magic Kingdom layouts

We never seem to take as many photos in The Magic Kingdom so I don’t usually have as many layouts as I do for Animal Kingdom. Last year though, we went to the Halloween party and got lots of Photopass photos taken, plus we took a few around the park during the day.

I’m still following the prompts from Shimelle’s A most magical scrapbook class. It’s really helped to get my head back into scrapping and I’m loving it again.

We really enjoyed the 7 dwarfs mine train ride and love how the photos came out when we rode it at night. One of the magic shots that we were looking for was one that was just for that time of year. I love the photo, especially Stephen’s expression. Scrapped with Basic Grey Persimmon.Another magic shot that we went looking for was the hitchhiking ghosts during the Halloween party. Again with Basic Grey Persimmon. I love these photos taken outside The Haunted Mansion. This layout will be the section divider for the Magic Kingdom. There’s not much to it, but I really wanted to include a photo of the castle.


Pandora scrapping

We were so excited to see the new land in Animal Kingdom and we weren’t disappointed. It was amazing! We took hundreds of photos trying to capture the beauty of it. I’m not sure that we succeeded but I did have plenty of photos to choose from when it came to scrapping them.

This layout is the section divider for Pandora and I tried to get lots of photos on it to give an idea of what it’s like. These photos were taken just inside the entrance to Pandora by a Photopass photographer. Scrapped with Basic Grey Archaic.There are a couple of places to eat inside Pandora and one of them, The Satu’li Canteen, quickly became our new favourite lunch spot. I particularly liked that you could order your food on the app and just pick it up when you got there, avoiding the queues. Also, the food was delicious. Scrapped with Basic Grey Boxer. We had a few photos taken at night. I love the magic shot with the Woodsprites. Scrapped using Basic Grey Marrakesh. (that’s nearly all gone now and I’m a little bit sad about it)


Harry potter scrapping

We love visiting all the Harry Potter stuff at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, and usually take loads of photos. There’s so much detail and so much to look at. It’s hard to do it justice with photos though.

I have a pack of papers, embellishments and an alpha that I bought ages ago, as I thought it looked Potter-ish. It’s the Cambridge collection pack by Bo Bunny. I’ve finally dived into it and I rather love it.

I needed one layout to do as the section divider so printed this photo nice and big.   I used the Bo Bunny papers on it. I really like them and I think they go nicely with the photos. We stopped to watch the show for a while, which we often miss as we’re always on our way to do something else and the resulting photos are again scrapped on the same papers.

We always take photos of the Hogwarts Express and we love riding on it. I think it’s brilliant how they’ve made it seem as if you’re on the ‘real’ train with screens for the window and corridor views.And yes, it’s the same paper pack.

Escape from Gringotts is a brilliant ride. We both love it, and the building that it’s in with the fire-breathing dragon is pretty spectacular too.
Finally, there’s a layout with us both drinking Butterbeer. It’s quite sweet but refreshing on a hot day and we really enjoyed it.