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Pretty yarn and a new project

I was flicking through a recent copy of Simply Crochet when I spotted a pattern for socks. I’ve spent some time on the Wii Fit nearly every day and like to wear socks when I do. I’m getting quite good at the Kung Fu and the cycling *grin*

I’d quite like some funky socks to work out in so I ordered some pretty yarn to have a go. I’ve fancied trying out some Drops yarn for a while so I got this.

Fabel, blue

I’m thinking that’ll make some nice socks.

I also got this.


Isn’t that gorgeous! Just look at all the delicious colours inside it.


All I need to do now is finish crocheting the log cabin squares, and then I can reward myself with a new start and do some socks. Which colour to make first though…



Lots of lovely post

The postman has been several times this week. I do love getting exciting post and this has been a bumper week.

First came the latest issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting so I was able to sit and have a good read and see what else I fancied making. When I get time, that is. On Saturday, Simply Crochet arrived so that meant another sit down with a cuppa for some more inspiration.


On Wednesday I ordered some yarn from the Wool Warehouse. I want to make the hooded scarf from the last issue of Simply Crochet and didn’t have any suitable yarn. I was looking at a pretty dark-raspberry colour but it was out of stock so I got a nice sensible denim blue instead. It’ll go with everything and I do like blue.


While I was ordering that, I noticed that if you spent £25 the postage was free and as I wasn’t far short of that with the crochet hook that I’d added, I got some more yarn to make one of the projects in my queue. Why spend £3 on postage when you can spend it on yarn?


On Saturday, I had a very nice parcel arrive. I’d had an email from Constable & Robinson a few days before asking if I’d like to read a book that’s coming out in March. It sounded brilliant so of course I said yes please. This is the book.


I’ve got a couple of library books to read first, but then I’ll be diving into Ruby Slippers. I’ll let you know what I think.