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Snowball quilt – Ta da!

I’ve finally got around to finishing this. The delay was partly the craft room clean-up and partly not having any suitable fabric for the backing. I kept looking online but couldn’t find anything that I liked enough. I found a nice spotty fabric when I was in Hobbycraft last week, and although it was more than I really wanted to pay, I did like it so I splurged.

This quilt is for Sammie and will go on one of the sofas for her to lie on. She loves her other quilt, which is folded up on one of my craft room chairs for her. I may need to make her a few more as they’re a nice size to practise with and she doesn’t mind if the blocks aren’t lined up very well 😉

She claimed it before it was even finished. Have you ever tried to sew binding on when there’s a cat lying on the part that isn’t in the machine? She also ran off with the binding while I was still making it.

She even helped me to photograph it. I made the mistake of lying it on the bed and she must have thought I was making a nice cosy play area for her.

Snowball08I think she likes that some of the blocks match one of her favourite mice.


I did try to get a photo of the back but she was in playful mode so this is as good as I could get.

Snowball07I was pleased with how the binding went on compared to the other quilt that I made. Having a decent machine helped massively as the new one just sailed over all the seams. The quilting is just straight lines. I was going to have a go at free motion quilting on this but changed my mind. (lost my nerve)

I may have a go on a piece of fabric, with batting and backing, rather than risk spoiling a quilt that I’ve spent a while making.

The quilt is nowhere near perfect but it’s better than the last one and I’ve learnt quite a lot while making it. I might make a wee one for Frodo next, to welcome him to his new home in a couple of months.



Snowball quilt

I’ve finished piecing the top. Hooray!


It’s not the most accurate bit of sewing as the snowballs do not all match up. I think I’m getting better though so that’s good.

It’s going into the drawer for now though as I need to get some fabric for the backing. I’ve got enough white but I’d rather use something more colourful. I’m hoping to get something at the Cotton Patch next time I pop to the library.

I’ve got plenty of other projects to keep me busy in the mean time 😉


Snowballs #2

I had four piles of squares waiting to be made into snowballs. One pile was done a few weeks ago but the others have been sitting on my desk, looking reproachfully at me every time I went in my craft room. I’ve been doing a bit of cross stitch, a bit of crochet, a bit of decluttering and have also been wasting far too much time surfing and playing games online.

This morning I was blog-hopping and had a quick chat with Kate, one of my very productive friends, and was motivated to do some more to the Snowballs.

One of the reasons I hadn’t done any more to them, is that it was so time-consuming sewing each white square on. I’d seen something on YouTube that I thought would help so thought I’d give it a go – chain piecing. Now I realise that most quilters probably use this method most of the time, but sometimes I’m a bit slow to find the best way to do things. I really wish I’d tried this earlier though. It was so much faster, and what I didn’t expect was that it was also neater and more accurate.


I was so motivated both by the chain piecing and Kate’s gentle encouragement, that I got all four piles stitched.


Woo hoo! And not only that, but I even found time to press them while the veg for dinner were steaming.


I now have five piles of finished snowballs so next I’ll be assembling them into a quilt top. Maybe tomorrow if I’m still feeling motivated 🙂