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Disappearing nine-patch #2

And it’s finished! I’m not completely happy with it as my sewing skills definitely need some work, but it was good practise and I feel a lot more confident about using the new machine now.


I did random wavy lines to quilt it, which I’m thinking are ok. It’s the binding that I need to work on. It’s definitely a bit wonky on this, and the stitching is all over the place.


Overall though, it’s not too bad and I’ve learned a few things along the way.

I’ve had to abandon the C25K for a while. My knees ached quite a lot after the 20 minute run last Wednesday and were still achy on Saturday so I didn’t do my scheduled run then. They’re quite a bit better today but I’m wary of damaging them with our holiday coming up soon so I’m going to leave it for now and maybe try again after our hols. Also, the treadmill is currently buried under suitcases, clothes and other items for packing so running on it would be a bit tricky. I switched to using the treadmill after the second week as if my knees played up while running, I could stop immediately and not have to walk home. I found it easier too as it keeps you at a steady pace. I really hope I can get back to it later. I was enjoying it a lot.

I’ve been a bit freaked out lately. I have a serious spider phobia and there has been at least one monster, mutant spider stomping across the living room floor each night recently. Not what you want when you’re sitting quietly, doing some stitching and out of the corner of your eye you see ‘it’ heading your way. I know that they can’t hurt me, and they’re more frightened of me etc. etc, but when the phobia kicks in, logic flies out of the window. Once I can prise myself off the sofa, I’ve been throwing the magazine holder at it, as it’s got a flat bottom and is heavy. In an attempt to be more spider-friendly however, as it’s not their fault that they wig me out, I’ve bought a Bug Katcha on the recommendation of a friend. I just had to break off my typing to scoop up tonight’s invader and he’s been lobbed out the front door. I’m feeling rather pleased with myself as I only whimpered a bit while doing it 😉