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Sunken Treasures #7

Not only finished – but framed too. I amaze myself sometimes 😉

NaturalBowFramedI used another one of my bargain charity shop frames. That one cost the grand sum of 50p. It’s framed using the same method as the last one.

I need more frames now. I have several, but none are the right size or shape for the projects that need to go in them. I have now made a note of all the project sizes, and will take that with me next time I go trawling for bargains.



Sunken Treasures #6

It’s finished! Hooray. And it didn’t take long at all.


I’m really pleased with it, although I did find that the invisible thread used for the beading was like trying to stitch with candy floss.

A few close-ups. Click on one for the gallery.

One of the new charity shop frames could do nicely for this so it might even get put up on the wall soon.


Sunken Treasures #5

I’ve managed to get some more done to this, although I’m still not getting much stitching time as Sammie seems to have decided that nap-time is for wimps. Sigh.

She did let me have a couple of hours last night though so I managed to get a few more rows done.

SunkenTreasures13 SunkenTreasures14The stitches in this part are Rice stitch, Nipped crosses, Quarter eyelets and Eyelets. Plus cross stitch and back stitch, of course. I think this bit will look great once I’ve got the beads in there.

This is what it looks like now.

SunkenTreasures12I’m hoping to get that corner section finished off this week and then try to do the beading when Sammie and Stephen go for their naps.


Sunken Treasures #4

I’ve got a bit more done on this one and have now completed all the stitching on the top half.


The straight section had some interesting bands. Band 8 consists of two rows of backstitch that are then laced with contrasting colours. Band 9 is Satin stitch diamonds and band 10 is eyelets.


The angled section was fun to stitch. there’s cross stitch, upright cross stitch, cross stitch with straight stitch, backstitch to make an arrow design, more backstitch, Cretan stitch, cross stitch with backstitch, and finally in the corner is a quarter eyelet. I love the different effects you can get with just the basic stitches.


I’ve even started to add some of the beads, but I have to do that when Sammie is having a nap upstairs, as there’s just too much potential for disaster there 😉


There are quite a few beads to be added so I need to get cracking with those, but I don’t think it’ll take long to finish the stitching. I’m keen to get this one done now so I can start something else. I’m in the process of completely rearranging and decluttering my craft room at the moment, and I keep finding charts and kits that I want to stitch. I seriously don’t need to buy any more stash for quite a while.


Sunken Treasures #3

I love this project! I’ve got a few more of the bands done and I love the way it’s looking.


Band 4 is three rows of back-stitch. There will be beads in that row when I get around to adding them.

Band 5 is cross stitch with half diamond eyelets. That will also be beaded.

Band 6 is quarter eyelets.

Band 7 is a variation on cross stitch and again will have beads.


I shall put this down for a few days now as I’m ready to restart Precious Memories and I really must do some more to the Flower Sampler Book as it’s not long till I need to post an update for the SAL.


Sunken Treasures #2

I’m loving stitching this. I’ve now completed bands 2 and 3. Band 2 is the backstitch bows and band 3 is the rows of Half Rhodes stitch.



You’ll see that the band 3s do not go all the way across. That’s where the diagonal bands start. The instructions say to do the first diagonal band next so it’s a guide to where the horizontal bands start. Makes sense, so that’s what I’ll be doing.

A close up to see the pretty Half Rhodes stitches.



I’ve got some invisible thread now so I can bead it, so it might look a bit more blingy for the next update.


Sunken Treasures

I just couldn’t resist making a start on this and I already know that I’m going to enjoy stitching it. I love the subtle colours.

So far I’ve just done band one, but haven’t yet added the beads. I’m debating whether to use a larger clip frame so I can add them as I go along, as they’d end up under the clip with this smaller one. I’m thinking it would be easier.

This is what it looks like so far.


Mostly cross stitch, with some Rhodes squares. I love doing Rhodes stitch as you get such fantastic texture.

There’s a little gold-coloured bow to put in the centre but I’m not sure if I like it. I may have a stash rummage and see if I’ve anything nicer, and if not, I’ll do a fancy stitch. Maybe a Rhodes.


2015’s stitching wish list

Now that I’ve started stitching again, I’m hoping to get several projects done this year. I’d like to finish the Flower Sampler Book, and pick up Around the World in 80 stitches again –  maybe even finish that.

I’ve also got several new starts on my wish list. This is my most recent acquisition. It’s obvious why I bought it as it looks just a little like Sammie. I’ve kitted it up and it’s ready to start.



There’s no black, just lots of navy with several shades of grey, green and blue, with some bright white. I can’t wait to start it. I’m thinking it’ll take a while to do, as it’s solid stitching and is massive compared to my usual stitches, but I’ll do other stuff in-between so I don’t get bogged down.

I bought this one recently too. And yes, I do know that buying more stash when my mojo has only just returned, and I already have many, many kits and charts, is probably not the wisest thing to do. This is gorgeous though and had to be bought when I spotted it on Etsy.

African Sampler-02

It reminds me of Animal Kingdom and Jambo House at Disney World so I want to stitch it and hang it in the living room.

This is one that I bought at the sewing show in 2013. I’d forgotten about it until I was having a rummage earlier but now that I’ve seen it again, I want to stitch it. Now.

SunkenTreasures-02 SunkenTreasures-01

Pretty, isn’t it? I just need to check the fabric in case I want to change it. I’m fussy about my fabrics.

Then there’s this one. I was sent a gift voucher for The Patchwork Rabbit over a year ago by Rachel, but as my stitching mojo was just going into hiding then, it’s taken me until now to find something that I really wanted enough to use it on.

Pumpkin Cottage

Pumpkins! And by one of my favourite designers. It’s a lovely smaller stitch and I hope to do it soon.
Thanks Rachel!

I think I’ll have three on the go at any one time: a specialist stitch, a larger stitch and something small and easy. I can pick up whichever I fancy at the time, and the smaller ones will give me finishes to keep me motivated. I can’t decide if Sunken Treasures comes under specialist stitch or smaller stitch. I’m thinking smaller, as then I can start it sooner 😉