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Frodo and Sam playing rollerball

The large rollerball toy has been upstairs for a while but the other day we swapped it over with the smaller one to give the cats a change. We’ve put it on the new rug and Frodo loves it even more than he did before. He plays with it for ages, diving at it, lying on it and really throwing that ball round the circuit.

I managed to catch both cats playing with it a few days ago, and it was as if they were batting the ball back and forth to each other for a while. I love to see them playing, especially when they’re playing nicely together.



Roller ball

We can’t seem to resist buying new toys for Sammie. We see something that we think she’d like, and we just have to get it. She’d seemed to really enjoy the Cheese Chase toy that we bought her so when we found a similar toy online, it had to be bought.

It’s a Catit Design Senses super roller circuit. Quite a mouthful, but it is a fairly big toy.

Sammie0912-06Like the Cheese chase, it’s a ball that rolls round inside a tube, with holes for Sammie to pat it round. The difference with this one, apart from the size, is that the roller circuit goes up and down, and the ball flashes.

Sammie0912-08She’s fascinated by the ball, and with it being difficult to get a photo of her playing with it, I thought it was about time we had some more video.