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Some Alaska layouts

I did another layout a few days ago and realised that I had a folder of layouts that needed to be photographed. I’ve now done that and they’ve been placed into their album.

I haven’t managed to do much scrapping lately, as there are now two nosey kittens to interfere, but I have done a bit. The last layout was done while Sammie watched carefully from inside my stash box, on the desk right next to where I was scrapping. It meant I couldn’t get at any more supplies, but it did keep her from walking all over the partly done layout. It’s a compromise 🙂

I’ve been scrapping the cruise that we went on after our few days in Vancouver and am about half-way through. I’m getting a bit bored with double layouts now though so I may give in to temptation and do a few singles of the cats. I do have rather a lot of photos of them…

This is the latest batch of Canada/Alaska layouts, once again in a gallery format.

Why is it that I can never get them to look square when I photograph them? And often manage to make it worse when I attack them in Elements? Just take my word for it – they are square, level and not at all wonky. Sigh.



Alaskan Cruise layouts #2

Ok, guess who spotted the box of Basic Grey lurking under the shelf? Can you believe that I’d forgotten just how lovely that paper is? Seriously! It’s out of the box now though so expect to see a lot of it appearing on layouts from now on 🙂

The first layout to be graced with the deliciousness that is BG is from when we sailed to Tracy Arm. It was a really cold day, as you can tell from the photo of Stephen with hoodie, coat and blanket. It was well worth braving the cold to see the glacier though.



Next is Skagway and more Basic Grey. Yum. We only spent a couple of hours in the morning visiting Skagway itself as we had a long shore excursion planned for the afternoon and evening. That’ll be getting a layout to itself as it was one of the highlights of our trip.



Note the BG die cut letters too. Mmmm.