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Winnie the Pooh calendar – September

And another section finished. I’m actually over halfway with this now so I finally feel like I’m making some serious progress. Not least because I went ahead and did the border for October after completing this and carried on to stitch the border for November and December too. Ok, so that’s the easy bit done but now that all the border is there I can see what the finished area will be and can say that I ‘only’ have to fill those bits in now.

September’s is an odd one to my mind. All the other sections look like something to do with those months, but this one? He looks like he’s trying to be Shakespeare. Don’t you think so? I’m guessing it’s something to do with Back to School, in an arty sort of way, but to me it just says The Bard. Still, I rather liked stitching that feather…


I’m still not keen on that wonky font for the months. I’m getting a terrible urge to straighten it. Sigh.

October next then, and I do like the design of it. It’s all leafy and swirly. I’m going to do a bit more to the Hamilton one first as there’s a long break before that’ll come out again and then I’ll be playing with October and all it’s pretty colours.

Oh, and I have the first of my Transworld Book Club books to read too. Woot!


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Winnie the Pooh calendar – August

I’m keeping up with this project a little better this year and have finished August’s section fairly quickly. September’s looks a bit more time consuming but I’m keen to get it done as October’s is a lovely one with swirly leaves in it.

I rather like this one as it’s the only month so far to have used a blended thread – used for the shells. Plus it looks lovely and summery and it was a very nice change to stitch sand colour instead of the usual grass green.

The wonky lettering, designed to be that way, is irritating me a bit as I do like things to line up nicely. It’s meant to be wonky though so I’ll just have to lump it.

I’m currently stitching away at my lovely McLaren piece which is coming on beautifully. I should have a nice update on that after Silverstone. There may be tyres. Woop!



That was very satisfying. I completed the last bit of that Winnie the Pooh cross stitch kit yesterday and I’ve just steamed it to get the creases out that were left by the ring.

Now granted it was very small, only 10x8cm but it felt so good to finally have a finished piece in front of me again. It was exactly what I needed to get me back into the rhythm of stitching again. Some of the backstitch is a bit wobbly where I was getting used to it again and there is a teeny error on the cross stitch on Pooh’s tummy but I don’t think you can see that. All in all I’m very pleased with him. He’s such a cute little chappie.

I’m raring to get cracking on that Winnie the Pooh calendar now. I’ve sorted all the threads and got the charts enlarged at Staples. I now have an A4 for each month which’ll be much more pleasant to work with. Easier to see and won’t flop all over the place like the two A3 charts provided.

Oh, and to celebrate finishing Pooh bear yesterday, I took Tree’s advice and started reading that Stephanie Plum book. I finished it this morning and thought it was very good indeed. A worthy reward for completing a project.