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Another crochet finish!


It felt so good finishing the Carousel blanket that I immediately fished out the squares from the Dancing in the rain blanket and started to join them. I decided to use a more decorative join than I did for Dancing under the stars as I like how it looks on Carousel. Plus it’s a lot less fiddly and I find it faster to do.

Once the squares were joined, I cracked on and did the border, and here it is in all its finished glory.

I did have some incentive to get this finished. I posted recently that I intended to use some of my existing stash before buying any more. I had the best of intentions as I have a LOT of yarny stash, but then I saw a new CAL being advertised and I caved in and got the yarn pack for it.

In my defence, the design is gorgeous and the colours are stunning. The CAL starts next month so I’ll be posting regular updates on it. I’m sure you’ll see why I HAD to do it 😉

I’ve also spotted a CAL in Simply Crochet magazine, which I can use stash yarn for. I might just do that one too.

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14 thoughts on “Another crochet finish!

  1. it looks amazing Carole! well done!


  2. This looks lovely! Congrats on the finish


  3. I remember when you were working on these last year, what a lovely finish! Two in one week!!


  4. I love all the textures in this pattern. Your colour choice is very restful 🙂


  5. Congrats on the finish! Beautiful blanket in such warm colors and patterns. Great job!


  6. Gorgeous last dance there 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the new CAL(s)


  7. this looks lovely and was a great way to practice lots of different stitches and textures.


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