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Something a little bit different.


I had a smashing time at the NEC craft show a few weeks ago. We didn’t stay long as I was struggling a bit with the crowds but as we’d got there early, I managed to get pretty much all the stuff on my wish list, and a few things that weren’t.

One of the stands was selling wooden kits. I only glanced at it as we went past, until I saw this. Anything cat-themed is worth a second look so I stopped to see what it was. I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it so asked the lady running the stall and she showed me one that she’d finished and gave me loads of tips on what to do plus pointed me to their blog.

While I was buying it, I spotted some mini cabinets that were made up and filled with teeny items. I was tempted but thought it best to make the cat ornament before buying anything else. These are the cabinets on their website. Just look at the examples! I really want to try that.

The cat is finished, and I really enjoyed doing the painting, inking and assembling. He’s hanging in my craft room now and I’m chuffed to bits with him. I’ve bought a cabinet to do next but am going to use it as incentive to finish scrapbooking the Baltic cruise. I must stop putting that off in favour of shiny new crafts.


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5 thoughts on “Something a little bit different.

  1. that’s a gorgeous decoration Carole, and I agree, cats are what’s needed in a home!


  2. You inspire me, Carole! I am about ready to seriously consider one of those mini books, but first I need to have a person in mind. I am not a scrapper, so I need to think things through, and see what I might find in the old craft box that stored all the girls’ stuff!


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