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The Great Escape – Buttonhole stitch

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This is part eight and is the area just below the owl’s breast feathers and is shaped where his feet will go when I do part nine. This was another slightly fiddly stitch but it didn’t take too long to do once I’d got into a rhythm.

The Great Escape - Buttonhole stitch
Tomorrow I’ll be starting on February’s Cottage of the month. Everything is laid out so it’s all ready to go. This afternoon I didn’t prepare just one piece of fabric, or even two. No, I’ve prepped three pieces so I’m all set for March and April too. It’s not often I get a burst of enthusiasm for the sewing machine or the iron so I thought I’d make the most of it.

I’ll get the owl’s feet sorted at some point too. He looks as if he really needs them now, don’t you think?


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One thought on “The Great Escape – Buttonhole stitch

  1. ooh yes, I think he needs feet on him lol! That buttonhole stitch looks really delicate – lovely 😀


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