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Hooded scarf


I’ve made a start on my new scarf. I’m using Sirdar Supersoft Aran in Denim blue.


It’s quite nice to crochet with and I’m really pleased with the colour I chose. There’s still a lot to do on it but hopefully I’ll finish it before the weather starts to warm up.


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11 thoughts on “Hooded scarf

  1. I’m currently working on the hooded scarf and realised I wasn’t going to have enough yarn – I shortened the length of the scarf but still won’t have enough to finish the hood/add tassels – I’ve got so far that they’re going to have to be in a contrasting colour. Make sure you have plenty of yarn before you start – making use if a 400g ball I already had hasn’t worked out – but I do love the rib!!


    • I hope you work something out with yours. I did notice when I was looking at yarns that the recommended one had very good yardage compared to others. Hopefully I’ll have enough as I have used that one but I am getting a bit worried. I think I’ll have a work out to check if I’m going to make it. Ta for the tip πŸ™‚


  2. That’s a gorgeous colour, can’t wait to see how it turns out with the hood on.


  3. That yarn is a gorgeous rich colour. Looking forward to seeing the finished thing.


  4. It looks lovely, really denimy, I like the look of the yarn and I’m looking forward to seeing it finished!

    Fiona x


  5. Pretty ! what stitch is this I wonder.


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