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Flower Sampler Book – Ta Da!


Oh yes, it is indeed finished. I am so very happy. The shame of having such a tiny update to post three weeks ago, spurred me on to get it done. And to be honest, it didn’t take that long once I settled down to it.

FSBfinished-01 FSBfinished-04

Stitching the pages to the inside cover was the most fiddly bit. There are seven pages squeezed in there. I started with the middle one and worked my way out and found the first few easy enough. The last two were tricky as it was hard to see where I was stitching into. I got there though and the book is now nice and fat.

A couple more photos, this time showing the book open. In the Hemstitch Square page, you can see that there’s fabric inside the page so it shows through the holes.

FSBfinished-02 FSBfinished-03

I’ve posted photos of each page as I’ve gone along, over the past couple of years, but I thought it’d be good to have them all together. There are quite a lot of them so I’ve made them into a gallery. Click on one to see them all full size.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the SAL next. I think it’ll probably be another old WIP out of the  box of abandoned projects. I’ve got a few to choose from 😉

For the stitch-a-long I’m linking up to these lovely blogs:

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Do pop over and have a look at their beautiful creations.


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25 thoughts on “Flower Sampler Book – Ta Da!

  1. Stunning – you must be thrilled with it. It would look great displayed on one of those little Ikea easels…you could casually wander by now and again and flip a page over 😀


  2. This is indeed, very beautiful. A real treasure. Something to be admired for generations to come. Wow!!


  3. Amazing! I bet you are so proud x


  4. Wow! It’s even more beautiful all joined together, a lovely heirloom. i love the pulled thread work. What next, I wonder ?


  5. Charming! And such a lovely idea to bind them together.


  6. Such a nice book, it´s beautiful!!!! Congrats to have a finished embroidery!


  7. Congatulations on a lovely little book! Where will you displsy it?


  8. this is so beautiful – well done ^^


  9. Wow, awesome work! That looks amazing!


  10. Beautiful. If you are like me so many started projects, which to finish next.


  11. Absolutely gorgeous! Well done on a finish it looks fabulous!


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