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A crochet finish!


I’ve finally finished the Carousel blanket, thanks partly to taking it to craft club at work. I’m really chuffed as it’s such a pretty design and looks a lot more complicated than it actually was.

It’s a bit tricky to get a photo of it all but I managed by moving some furniture to make space on the floor.

It looks nice on the single bed but I think it’ll be put away for now as the cats would love it too!A few close-ups.
I didn’t have many finishes last year so I’m planning to make 2018 the year of getting things completed. I’m really happy to have the first finish just two weeks into the year. I’ve set myself the challenge of 5 crochet finishes on Ravelry, and hopefully will have several cross stitch projects joining those. No stash buying until I’ve made a considerable dent in the stuff that I already have.

Next on my list is the temperature blanket. I think that I’ll end it after the current round as I’m not loving as much as I did initially and it’s the right size now for a lap blanket.

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11 thoughts on “A crochet finish!

  1. this is stunning . . . too pretty to use ^^


  2. Wow! That is an amazing blanket! So beautiful. Congrats on the awesome finish.


  3. That turned out really pretty Carole. How many months did you end up doing for your temperature blanket? I seemed to have selected very long projects this past year, and now I am wanting to start new stuff, trying to maintain so I don’t end up with a drawer full of UFO’s. 😳


    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      I’m up to somewhere around the end of August/start of September at the moment. I like doing the hexies but I’m getting a bit bored of the colour scheme now. I’ve got about ten or fifteen hexies to the end of the round, I think so I’ll get to that and reassess. There are so many other things that I want to be crocheting/stitching/sewing/reading etc that I don’t want to force myself to carry on with it or worse, abandon it.

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  4. very pretty πŸ™‚ I want to make one now!


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