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ASIS – half done


I’m enjoying this. I haven’t spent a lot of time on it, but it’s perfect to pull out when I don’t feel like doing any stitching but want to keep my hands busy. I’m about halfway through it now having done 11 of the 20 rows.

ASIS280213It’s lucky that this pattern states that it’s stress free and any mistakes should just be ignored, and if the chain gets twisted, it doesn’t matter. I’ve only made one tiny error so far, but because of the nature of the yarn, you can’t really see it. More worrying is how twisted it is. Because of how poodle-ish this yarn is, it was hard to see the chains, let alone see if they were twisted or not, when I joined the two ends. There are a lot of chains too, which made it  harder. I think it’s twisted about three times but when it’s finished I’m sure it won’t matter.

This yarn is quite tricky to work with as the poodly bits hide the bits of the stitch that you need to hook into so it is quite a bit slower to work on than a plain yarn. I do love it though so it’s worth the effort. I’ve taken a close up so you can get a better idea of what the yarn is like.

ASIScloseupIt  may be hard to work with but that loopy stuff hides a multitude of sins.

Pattern plus some gorgeous examples on Ravelry (my latest addiction).


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2 thoughts on “ASIS – half done

  1. Hi Carole. Thanks for visiting my blog and pointing me to yours. I’m in love with your Around the World in 80 Stitches and look forward to it progress and completion. I knit a bit as well when I can tear myself away from my obsession with cross stitch, but that’s a rare occasion and it only lasts a very short time.


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