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Magic Kingdom and some Formula One


Today is my birthday and I had a nice day planned, starting with the Magic Kingdom, where we planned to have breakfast. We got as far as the TTC though and instead of hopping on the monorail to the park, we got the resort one to the Polynesian instead. We’d suddenly had the urge to go for breakfast at Captain Cooke’s.

We split a breakfast croissant and a Tonga toast. I’ve fancied trying the Tonga toast for ages and it was quite nice.


It’s a thick slab of bread with a banana-filled pocket. It’s deep fried and coated with cinnamon sugar.

After eating that we headed for the Magic Kingdom. We didn’t do much more than have a stroll round, mentally saying goodbye for a couple of years. We did go on the Haunted Mansion and the riverboat. We got some nice photos from the boat and it was lovely to get a high-up view of some of the park.


As we left the park we took a photo of a sign by the entrance. In all the years we’ve been coming here, we haven’t noticed it before.


We popped back to the Beach Club and did an online order for Chili’s, then drove over and picked it up. We got a selection of appetizers to munch in front of the TV as we wanted to watch the Austin Grand Prix.


We got some onion rings, cheesy-chilli fries, Big mouth bites (little burgers) and egg rolls. Yum! We’ll definitely be eating at Chili’s again in the future.

The race was brilliant, especially as Hamilton won.

We’d planned to go to Hollywood Studios this evening but after the race neither of us really wanted to get up and go back out into the cold. I’d have gone if Stephen had been keen but he really wasn’t. We walked over to the Bakery at the Boardwalk instead, just to stretch our legs, and fetch some dessert. We’re just about to have it.


Mine is the Key lime dessert at the back and Stephen’s is a cheesecake. We’re just about to have them once I get off the computer.

Tomorrow I have to pack but I’m sure I can squeeze a visit to a park in somewhere.


Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom and some Formula One

  1. Those desserts look delicious. Happy Birthday, Carole. You don’t have to respond. You two enjoy your evening. Lucy


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