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SAL – A whole lotta latte #9


This is the scheduled three-weekly post for the SAL that I’m doing with several other crafty blogs and A whole lotta latte is on page two now.

This is how it looked last time.

I’d finished page one and I was ready to scroll round to start page two. I decided to try to finish the purple cup, with its saucer for this update and this is how it looks now.

I even finished the backstitch on it so I’m rather pleased with that. There’s a lot more of the stripes cup to do than there was of the purple one but I’m hoping to complete that before the next update. Wish me luck!

For the stitch-a-long I’m linking up to these lovely blogs:

AvisClaireGunLucyAnnKateJessSueConstanzeDebbieroseChristina Kathy,
 MargaretCindyHelenStephLindaCatherine,  Mary MargaretTimothy

Look how many of us there are now! Do allow for people being in different time zones, so not posting all at the same time, but it’s well worth doing a bit of blog hopping to see all the lovely projects that are being worked on.



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34 thoughts on “SAL – A whole lotta latte #9

  1. Looks great! Love the all the vibrant colors on the black fabric.


  2. Well done for keeping up with the back-stitch!


  3. Wow you did get a lot done. I love it!


  4. It is looking great. I really like your colors and the cups!


  5. Great progress! I love the shadow effects 🙂


  6. Wow, you’ve done a lot this time! It’s looking great – well done!


  7. You’ve done loads this time. Good luck with the next stage. It’s looking fab so far.


  8. I love the way the black fabric makes the colours really pop on this one. Just how many cups and mugs are stacked in this design?


    • Not much to go now. Once I’ve finished the stripey mug, that plus the purple one are sitting on a large cup and saucer and then it’s just some text.


  9. Good luck! All the colours are amazing! I look forward to seeing more progress


  10. The orange saucer was a surprise. This is such a happy piece, makes me smile every time we have an update.


  11. orange, purple and green . . . my favourite colours ^^


  12. Love your embroidery with all its colors!


  13. Great job! Is there much more


  14. Great progress, love the colours!


  15. It’s so colourful – love that orange saucer with the purple cup!


  16. Nice progress. I love the purple cup.


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