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Crocodile stitch cushion


It’s finally finished. The Crocodile stitch granny square has now been made into a cushion, as planned.


I’m really happy with how it turned out. The Crocodile stitch sits beautifully with the cushion pad inside it. I even made the cushion that goes inside it.

I had a plain cushion inner from Ikea but as it’s white and not particularly pretty, I didn’t want to use it on its own. I bought some pink fabric and a zip to make a cushion cover for the inner which I could then slip inside the crochet cover.

I don’t have much experience of putting in zips but the instructions that came with my sewing machine are quite good. Basic but good, so I managed ok with those. It’s not too bad as long as you don’t look at the back. Also, I must remember that if sewing a hem, it’s a good idea to use the right colour cotton in the bobbin…


I’d closed three sides of the crochet cover with single crochet and planned originally to stitch the fourth side to the edges of the zipped side of the inner, but in the end, I thought it would look nicer if I closed it with single crochet. If I want to open it to clean it, it’ll be easy enough to unpick that and then crochet it closed afterwards.


I just need to decide where it’s going to live now.


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11 thoughts on “Crocodile stitch cushion

  1. Hi Carole! I ADORE your cushion, the colours are fantastic. The crocodile stitch is super and one that I’ve never tried yet. Thank you so much for entering the Made It Challenge, so awesome to have you on board!!!


    • Thanks very much 🙂
      I’ve been enjoying looking through some of the other entries into the challenge. There are some lovely projects there so thanks for organising it.


  2. Well done with the zip! I love the yarn colours that you’ve used, this really is a splendid bit of crocheting 😀


  3. That’s beautiful Carole


  4. That’s great! Nice touch to make the lining cushion match the colour of the crochet!


  5. Simply gorgeous, loving this cushion.


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