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Craft show goodies


Today I went to Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC with my friend Jackie. We had a lovely time walking round all the stalls and gazing at all the beautiful stash. I made one or two purchases, but I was very restrained and didn’t buy any yarn or cross stitch stash. Just a bit of fabric…

I got a selection of fat quarters as they’re so useful to have in. I rather liked the colours in these packs.


They’ll go with quite a bit of the fabric that I already have. I did get a few patterned ones too. I spotted these at the pretty much the first stall we looked at and couldn’t resist.


Such gorgeous colours, aren’t they. I picked up a couple of brown ones from there too.


This roll of fat quarters caught my eye and as it was a bit of a bargain, I bought it.


There are ten pieces of fabric there and I love the colours and patterns. This is them flattened out so you can see all the different ones in there. You can also see the colours as for some reason, the roll photographed with a blue tint.


One stall had small packs of 5″ squares in the most gorgeous colours. I tried to just buy a couple but I couldn’t narrow it down. I feel some more cushions are in my future.


I also got some yardage. I have a project in mind and needed one and a half metres of something pretty. I picked this.


And when we spotted this, we agreed that I had to have some. I have another project in mind for it.


Is that not perfect? I hope I can do it justice.

I think I’ve got enough fabric to keep me happy for a while now. I just need to find the time to get into my craft room and play. Oh, and I may need another fabric storage box…


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14 thoughts on “Craft show goodies

  1. oh yum, it seems like ages since I had a good shopping spree so I shall spree vicariously via your pics! You bought an absolutely smashing selection, I especially like the batiks and that little roll and the owls and the books are wonderful. I wouldn’t have been able to leave without bringing those home!


  2. Oops. sometimes my fingers have a mind of their own. Yes. I meant Nice. Lucy


  3. Nothing better than coming home with lots of beautiful treasures and then planning all the things you could do with them. Enjoy.


  4. You’ve got some lovely pieces there. I really like the books fabric! I look forward to seeing what you make with it!.


  5. Lucky you, I really wanted to go to this show but have been unable to get there this year. I’ve just bought some of the owl fabric myself for a baby quilt I’m about to make.


    • Oh what a shame. Maybe you’ll be able to get there next year.

      I shall look forward to seeing what you do with your owl fabric. It’s so cute, isn’t it 🙂


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